I used to be a person who always wanted to please everyone in my life.  The truth of it is that there is nothing wrong in wanting to make those around you proud however it becomes a barrier for your life when you do things just to please everyone around you.  I would say that discovering your purpose early in life is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It prevents you from so many unwanted obstacles that you could possible face.  

When I was younger, I honestly thought that I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  In fact, I was sure that was the correct profession for me because I loved it so much.  No one forced me to think in that direction nor did I feel any pressure from society to want to pursue said career.  To even prove my honest desire for this profession, I went to university to study a course that would eventually put me on the right track of this desire that I so long for since my youth.  However to my surprise, I was wrong, very wrong about it all and what I never thought of doing in my life, not even for a second is exactly where I was thrown- by God.

My purpose is to educate!  I am a teacher! I never wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to become a world class physician.  I thought it was my purpose, the reason for my creation. I ate, slept, and breathe anything that would move me in the direction of becoming an awesome physician  not knowing that I was journeying on a path that wasn’t my own. So I was thrown into teaching and I fought it for years. My first year was miserable only because I didn’t have an open mind nor did I think that I was called to be an educator.  It wasn’t until my 4th year of teaching that I discovered that this was something that I didn’t mind doing actually and that I did very much enjoy it and not until my 7th year did I fully know that this was my purpose.

Discovering your purpose in life is crucial if you desire to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.  I want to share 5 reasons why knowing/discovering your purpose saves you so much time (and money) in life.


When you are unsure of the path to take in life everything will look fuzzy and hazy to you.  You will think that you are doing the correct thing meanwhile you are not. This was me for years- I thought becoming a physician was what I was made for.  It wasn’t until I was thrown into the field of teaching that I not only discovered that I wasn’t seeing clearly about my life but that indeed this was my purpose.  When I eventually made that discovery, I was able to think so much more clearly, way more than the 7- 8 years that I was constantly thinking of many ways to become a physician.  I didn’t have “foggy mind” syndrome any more because it was all so clear to me. I could see the potential of my growth while I was teaching because I no longer focused on what was not mine in the first place.
Desire to think and see your purpose more clearly.


I have to admit, when I didn’t know my purpose I was so unhappy.  It was some of the darkest times of my life because I was pursuing something that wasn’t for me at all.  I was confused as to why it was so hard for me. I was putting an insane amount of pressure on myself. I was sad that I felt like I was being left behind.  I felt like a complete and total failure and disappointment. I was just bad and sad for me. However, the moment in which I slowing began to see that my calling and purpose was indeed to become a teacher so that I could later in life fulfill what God was calling me to do I found a new sense of peace and happiness.  Ever since my discovery, I’ve been so happy about my calling, my purpose, my destiny. I wake up every morning with a smile knowing that I am able to teach my students something new that day. I love standing in front of students who are eager to learn and teach them all I know and I derive such great happiness and joy in knowing that I am able to shape the minds of the next generation.
Do something that will make you happy!


When you are unsure of what you are meant to do in life, it can be quite costly.  I mean it is EXPENSIVE. I can tell you that I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuing a field that was not for me.  It’s not fun to spend money where you don’t need to spend money. Everyone loves to save when and where they can. Knowing your purpose saves you tons of money.
Don’t waste money on something you are not sure is for you.


For years, I thought I was going in the right direction to my destiny but I am so grateful that God re-routed me in the correct direction.  Imagine driving on the highway without a GPS or navigation system to a location you’ve never been to in your life. Let’s say you were to exit on exit 5 but you kept driving to exit 50 only to discover that your exit was exit 5.  How you would you feel? Bothered and annoyed I’m sure! That’s exactly what happens when we don’t know our purpose in life. We keep walking and pursuing other things aimlessly. Sometimes we have jobs that are giving us a temporary financial benefit and we stay the course for years only to be honest with ourselves after serving that company for 30 years of our life unfulfilled.  When you know your purpose it takes you to your destiny, your exit quicker. You begin to operate in your destiny way quicker than if you had to wait for 30 years.
Desire to get there without any delays.


When you know your purpose you will feel accomplished.  Although your purpose will evolve as you grow and mature in life, you will have a sense of accomplishment when you are truly walking in your purpose.  It can be super dreadful to be walking a path that is not meant for you. I constantly tell people especially my students that the one thing that you don’t want to do in life is to be walking on the wrong path and discover it when it’s too late.  The only way that you will be accomplished is if you open yourself up to actively pursuing your purpose in life.
Desire to discover your purpose today if you want to feel accomplished in life.

Do you know the purpose for your life?  Share your thoughts with me down below.