In the recent months I have been focusing on one thing: my purpose.  I’ve been studying my life while all the more spending time in the Word of God and in prayers and fasting.  Knowing your purpose brings so much clarity and peace and it allows you to be laser focused in everything that you do.

When we were created, we were created for a purpose.  His Word tells us in Jeremiah 1:5 that before we were formed in the womb He knew us, He had a plan for us.  That means that when God sat down and formed you in your mother’s belly, He did so with an intention, a plan, an outline of your life and for your life.  He did so with a purpose that was specific to you ONLY.  God does nothing without a purpose.  Everything He does is for a reason, everything!

Your purpose is so unique and it’s only for you!  You may be asking yourself, well how do I know that!  Well, it’s simple actually.  Do you know that there are 7.3 billion people here on Earth and no two individuals share the same finger prints.  This goes to show you how unique you are, no one else has your exact fingerprint set.  How awesome is that!

There is a purpose to your purpose and it is up to you to find it out.  God wants you to find it out.  However, in order for a person to discover their purpose in life there must first of all be a mindset shift.  Without this mind set shift it will be very difficult to penetrate into the realm of purpose and destiny.

God’s desire for mankind is that we prosper and to do His will.  What is His will?  It is PURPOSE.  The moment that you know the will of God for your life it means that you know the purpose for your life – why you were created for such a time as this, and how you are to be a blessing to others.

Purpose is essential if you desire to live a happy and fulfilled life.  No one on Earth, no one, not even the richest person in life can be fulfilled without knowing his or her purpose.  It is no wonder that those who are unfulfilled, lost in this world commit suicide or literally dead people walking.  It is because they feel that they have no purpose, no destiny.  No one with purpose at the forefront of their journey in life will think of committing suicide or harming themselves because they will know and further understand that they are needed, they have a role to play and others are depending on them.

Your purpose is ultimately for others or should I just say that lives are tied to your purpose, to your destiny!

Knowing your purpose in life will accomplish 5 things

  1. It will bring your immeasurable peace
  2. It will give you clarity
  3. It will take you to your destiny and place of rest
  4. It will distinguish you
  5. It will bring accomplishment

Your purpose is meant to ultimately bring accomplish to you, your family, your destiny and to the kingdom of God!

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