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Episode 254: Forgive yourself

In this episode, Adeola shares why it is important for your destiny to forgive yourself.  Stop holding yourself in your past failures and press forward according to what God have designed for your life.  Tune in to understand why it is detrimental to hold on to the...

Episode 253: He loves you

In this episode, Adeola shares how even when you sin God still loves you.  She uses the very popular Saul of Tarsus as an example of someone who sinned very well but still found the mercy of God by His side.  Tune in for more.  Be blessed as you listen.

Episode 252: From fear to strength

In today's episode, Adeola shares why it is necessary to move your mindset from fear to strength.  God did not give any of His children the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.  God doesn't want you to allow this spirit, fear, into your heart.  Tune in...

Episode 251: Living Sacrifice

In today's episode, Adeola shares why it is important to living a life as a living sacrifice to God.  Romans 12:1-2 gives us the mandate and the how of how we are to accomplish this task.  If you desire to understand and live for God, tune into this episode.  Be...

Episode 250: Burnt Offerings

Episode 250 speaks about burnt offerings and how they are to be done.  If we desire a new level with God we must also be ready to do things correctly.  Tune into Episode 250 to understand what must be done during a burnt offering.

Episode 249: If this is your power, let it rain

In today's episode, Adeola shares the importance of rain.  Rain is very vital to sustaining life and therefore essential in our land and lives.  When there is no rain it signifies a drought.  My prayer is that we will never experience a spiritual drought in our lives....

Episode 248: Am I a child of God?

In this episode, Adeola answers the question "am I a child of God"?  The world will want to convince you otherwise, trying as much as possible to make you think that you are not a child of God when you really are.  Listen to this podcast to fully understand what the...

Episode 247: The hope of my calling

In today's episode, Adeola shares where our hope lies!  You need to stop only believing in yourself because there is a higher power/being that has hoped for you even before the foundations of the world.  It is only when you believe in Him that you will be able to...

Episode 246: Spiritual Principles

Greetings in the name of Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus! Today's episode talks about Spiritual Principles.  Our God is a God of principles and He operates and even deals with us under His set spiritual principles.  Not even God Himself will go against what He has set...