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Episode 265: Stop Sinning

We all want to see the Father in heaven but the only way that can happen is if we are right with Him.  The way to be right with Him is to commit to Him wholeheartedly and to forsake sin.  Sin is what will separate you from God and the reason why you will not enter the...

Episode 264: Getting to Heaven

Walking on earth has many benefits one of them being making it to heaven.  However, it is not enough to purchase your ticket on stand by and not know if you will make it to heaven.  Jesus wants a deep connection and relationship with you.  You have to make that...

Episode 263: Stand by

Many people have purchased their tickets to heaven on stand by.  A stand by ticket will not get you to heaven, that's a gamble!  You need to make sure you are right with God and His son Jesus to make sure you make it to heaven.  In this episode, Adeola addresses the...

Episode 262: HYPOCRITES!

Some people make it their life's mission to be very hypocritical about anything that is around them, anyone that is around, even if they are guilty of the very same thing they are complaining about.  There is a reason why people are hypocritical and in this episode,...

Episode 261: Pursue God

There are four basic steps anyone can follow in their pursuit of God.  You have to listen to find out what they are!  Be blessed as you...

Episode 260: Introducing God

The reason why some people don't understand God is because they never study who God is and what God can do.  In this episode, Adeola introduces you to God and explains why it is essential to read the Old Testament.  Tune in for more and be blessed as you listen.

Episode 258: What is love?

Love is a deep affection that is shown to another.  It is perfect in all it ways and makes no mistakes.  Love is wonderful and it is for all to experience.  In this message understand why we are expected to love!  Tune in for more and be blessed as you listen.

Episode 257: Your star will shine

Stars are of utmost important to God, hence why it was shown to the wise men of Jesus.  This episode addresses the importance of your stars and explains why enemies of progress look to destroy the star of the chosen one of God.  If you're interested in learning about...

Episode 255: Facing trials as Christians

In this episode, Adeola addresses the idea of facing trials even as a follower of Christ.  Many people do not believe that once they are followers of Christ that they should have an problems.  Well, the truth is that problems exist everywhere and as believers you are...