Have you ever been to a store without knowing what it is that you are actually there for?  How does it feel?  It feels horrible because you will either be roaming the store aimlessly or you will begin to put things in your basket that you really have no need for.  Let’s look at it on the other side.  Have you been to the store knowing what you need?  How does that feel?  Great!  Why, because you are there for a purpose, you obtain that which you went to the store for and you are now able to accomplish whatever the goal is with that particular items.

That is exactly how it is for us.

We have a purpose in life and without knowing that purpose we stand to aimlessly walk in circles without an actual direction.

We become useless, powerless, frustrated and angry all because we don’t know our purpose.

Take for instance our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Have you ever witnessed in the Holy Book that He wandered aimlessly without knowing His purpose.  Even at the age of 12 years old He knew He was sent to the His Father’s business and that is what He did.  Even when his earthly parents were searching up and down for Him, He didn’t fear because He knew that He must accomplish His purpose, His assignment while here on earth.  Powerful!  It is the same with us.  We are meant to accomplish that which we were sent for and not return to the Father void.  But the truth, the unfortunate truth of it is that most people never accomplish their purpose.  Hence why they are unfulfilled in life.  Hence why they are sad in their old age or why some commit suicide.  It is because they don’t know their purpose and feel powerless.

Your purpose makes you powerful.  It makes you need and wanted.  It makes you desirable.  It makes you sought after.  When Solomon was said to be the wisest man, even the Queen went looking for him.  Why?  Because he was powerful, he had something that they all needed.

Your purpose is unique to you.  It is for you and only you can do it the way that you would do it.  No one else can do it for you.  Yes there may be others who do exactly what you are called to do however, no one will do it just like you.  McDonald’s does not make their burger like Burger King and Burger King doesn’t make theirs like Wendy’s.  Everyone has their own twists and tricks to their own specialized purpose.

Do you know your purpose?  Have you sought it out or are you just living life wandering about?  Discover your purpose today. Download our free checklist that you can use to begin discovering your purpose today!