We all want to see the Father in heaven but the only way that can happen is if we are right with Him.  The way to be right with Him is to commit to Him wholeheartedly and to forsake sin.  Sin is what will separate you from God and the reason why you will not enter the gates of heaven.  Your portion is to enter the gates and in the episode we address the issue of sin and what you must do to ensure you get into heaven.  Tune in for more.  Be blessed as you listen.

Bible References:

  1. Gen 6:5
  2. Ex 34:7
  3. Ps 51:2-5
  4. Isa 59:2
  5. Eph 2:1-3
  6. 1 John 1:7-10
  7. Rom 6:1-2

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Thank you for listening and please remember to share with your family, friends and enemies.  We all have to make it to heaven!  God bless you!