Walking on earth has many benefits one of them being making it to heaven.  However, it is not enough to purchase your ticket on stand by and not know if you will make it to heaven.  Jesus wants a deep connection and relationship with you.  You have to make that decision on your own.  Jesus will not do that for you.  If you desire this sort of relationship with Jesus so that you may see the Father, then tune into this episode.  Be blessed as you listen.

Bible References

  1. John 14:6
  2. John 3:16-17
  3. Phil 2:12
  4. Luke 9:23
  5. 1 Co 15:31
  6. 2 Co 10:5-6

Thank you for listening and please remember to share with your family, friends and enemies.  We all have to make it to heaven!  God bless you!