move forward

There is no doubt about this, that many of us experience one trouble our another during out life time. It is very frustrating when challenges come but the truth of the matter is that challenges, set backs, road blocks and even stumbling blocks are all apart of life. They are supposed to happen. Ever since the fall of man in the book of Genesis, there has been one problem or another that the human race has faced. I often tell people that we all have one cross or another to carry because it will continuously remind us of God- that without God, we are nothing and that without God we can do nothing.

I’ve had my own shares of problems and challenges in life. I’ve been set back so many times in this life that if I decided to stay in my pain and hurt I would never move forward- I would never grow. You see friends, when you are placed in the “challenge of life”, you will fall, you will get hurt, you will cry and be disappointed but you have to get up and move on and that is a choice. No one can force you to get up, you have to decided on your own that you will get up and continue on.

The first step in moving forward is to get up. I am very blessed to have parents who have supported me since day one and my parents have encouraged me that no matter what happens, no matter how I’ve failed that I should get back up. My dad would look at me and tell me “Adeola, there will be times you will fall, but every time you fall, get up, dust yourself off, and try again.” I will not lie to you friend, there are times that I fall, I am disappointed and so hurt and dejected that it’s made it hard for me to get back up. It has been hard, friends. But the choice was mine- the ball was in my court. And the ball is in your court.

When you study the book of Job, you will find there that Job was tempted and used by Satan. He lost everything. You can imagine loosing all your possessions, your valuable possessions in one day! There is nothing that anyone can do to console you because you are just that down. You feel depressed and out of it. If you read his story, you will find that he was depressed. He was down. He was sad and dejected. I can only imagine that he wanted to give up. And quit and throw in the towel. But what did he do? Even after his wife told him to curse God and die. He believed on God. He believed in God. He trusted that God had something better for him. Despite the pain he felt and how he wanted to just be left alone. He got up and moved on…despite everything not looking rosy for him.

Friends, some of you are not moving forward in your life because you are stuck in the past. You’ve had failures and disappointments. Maybe it was even from a family member or a close friend. But you must get up and try again. Remaining in that place will only keep you in that place. It will never advance you. It will never serve a greater purpose in your life but instead, rob you of the joy God has already ordained for your life. Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of what is yours. Cling on to Christ Jesus and He will surely direct your path.

Go in peace and God bless you!