A few weeks ago, we took a look at the rainbow and what the rainbow means to God.  We even went fully into it to understand why the rainbow even came about in the first place. If you are an audio learner you can listen to all the episodes here.

rainbows are covenants

The rainbow came about after the great flood, after Noah built an altar unto the Lord and sacrificed unto God. God smelled this sweet aroma in heaven and He was moved by the gesture of Noah. It is important that we understand that when God does anything for us we must be appreciative of Him. It is just like your earthly parents. When they do a good deed for you, you must show appreciation for what they have done. It is when you do this, that they will want to do more for you. But an ungrateful child will find it very difficult to receive more from God because of not knowing how to show truthful and sincere appreciation. One wonderful fact about God is that God is merciful to all of us; He chooses how He distributes His mercy! Even though we beg and ask God for mercy, Rom 9:15-16 makes us all to understand that it by His doings alone. However, when you examine the story of Noah, it tells us that if we are good then God is faithful to provide His mercy to us just as He showed Noah and his entire family. God is no stingy and He will never be stingy!

The rainbow we see today after heavy rainfall is not just an ordinary thing nor is just a pretty picture. It is a sign from God.  Rainbows, are a sign of His covenant with man to never destroy the earth with flood waters. As it was stated in Part 1, God created the world for His good pleasure and for fellowship to take place on earth. Unfortunately, sin was introduced via Adam and Eve and it caused the human population to continue in sin. The amount of sin was great and the world was in disarray, very opposite from what Father God intended. And because He was very regretful of what He created, He washed everyone away, except Noah and His entire family. It was after the flood of 150 days when Noah and his family were saved that he sacrificed to God. Due to the sacrifice made by Noah, there was a covenantal promise made to man, which God showed as a rainbow. Its sole purpose is for the covenant of the promises of God! Rainbows are covenants!

However, modern day society has turned the rainbow, which God created, into something completely opposite than the original intentions. We know see in society that the rainbow is used as a sign to represent the LGBT society. What needs to be understood is that no matter how much inclusion we think we are adding into our society, we as a people have excluded the Creator of all creations. The misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the Word of God doesn’t unify us as a people but rather divides us the more.

Let’s look into this matter just a little deeper. Understanding what was supposed to be is very important in making a decision or having a stand on an issue of what is going on right now.
When this matter is discussed, many people will say that it doesn’t matter if it is the rainbow being used, it is just a sign. But, with respect, I beg to differ. It does matter and it matters to God. God in His nature is a Spirit and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth. And because God is a Spirit everything He does has to be spiritual. Think of it this way, whatever you are is what you will produce or you can only produce what you are. That is why human produce humans, dogs produce dogs and cats produce cats. You will never find a human being producing a dog or vice versa. It will never happen because it goes against the law of reproduction. So therefore because God is a Spirit He produces spirits as well. We are just like our Father and we ought to act, think and imagine just like our Father.

Again, from a deeper level, because God is a Spirit, all of His works must therefore be spiritual. God cannot operate from the flesh because He doesn’t have a flesh. He doesn’t need one, He is God. There is nothing that God has done, that was done in the flesh. He is not controlled by a human emotion because He is not a human. So therefore, when He created the rainbow as a sign of His promise, He did it from a supernatural sovereignty! That is the God we serve.

The reason why we see it as ordinary is because we operate in the realm of a flesh, a dirt body instead of the realm of the spirit- because we are spiritual beings. When we go back to the book of Genesis Chapter 3, we read of the fall of man. Man fell because they succumbed to the fact that they have a dirt body, which we call flesh. Had Eve understood that she is a spirit then she wouldn’t have fallen for the scheme of the enemy, Satan. That is why in the book of Rev 12:12 it says that “therefore, rejoice, O heaves and you who dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!” The Bible here is telling those in heaven to rejoice, why? Because the devil cannot be found there. The devil cannot dwell where the Father is. Darkness cannot be found where there is Light! It is just not possible. But for those on earth, woe to you, why? Because the devil dwells here and he is looking for those whom he can still from, kill and destroy. That is his every second of the day task- looking all around for whom to devour. That is how he operates. He has no better job than to deceive the world.

The devil works in ways to take what God has designed and to twist it to his ways in order to destroy the Kingdom of God. That is why 1 Co 10:12 tells us all to take heed lest we fall. And unfortunately, many have fallen and many continue to fall because it is the plan of the enemy.

Through this sign, which represents God’s covenant, we see the long history of covenants that God has made to His children. But the truth of the matter is that there are some conditional covenants that we must adhere to if we want to receive from God. It is not enough to preach the “love gospel” and say that you will make it to heaven because you had love. All of that is the workings of the devil. Just like I can’t say because I had an argument with a person and we no longer speak that I will go to heaven, even though we don’t exchange words. The bible tells us all in Ps 66:18 that if I regard inequity in my heart, He will not hear me. If He cannot hear you, then He cannot answer you! Similarly, 1 Co 15:50 tells us that “now I say this, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.” You cannot get into the Kingdom of God if you operate via the flesh. It doesn’t matter how much you call on God, if you are wrong then you are wrong!

We are told in the bible that who every adds or takes always from the Word of God, they will be punished. It is my job as a teacher of the Word of God to tell you what the Bible truly tells us. Twisting and turning it to fit our agenda is not the way to go.

Remember, it is not the sinner that is hated, it is the sin. Jesus loves us all, He is a friend to all but He is not a companion of all. Jesus cannot be found where sin is found. Point-Blank-Period!!! That would contradict the Word and we all know that He is the Word and He cannot contradict Himself! Impossible.

The rainbow is the covenant of God, promising us that He will not destroy the earth again with flood waters. It is wrong to twist His words, His covenants. The bible does tell us in Hosea 4:6 that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Many are destroyed and confused because of a lack of knowledge. If you continue to read that verse it tells you that it is because they have rejected knowledge. When you refuse to be aware of God’s word, you accept to be used by Satan. Don’t accept Satan, know the Word of God.

Go in peace and God bless you.