There is absolutely no way that anyone who lives on planet Earth would ever deny feeling unmotivated.  Being an adult: “a working” adult, “a paying the bills” adult, “a I just have to get it done” adult, comes with a lot of pressure that can at times dissuade us from wanting to do anything.  It’s normal- I promise.

Being committed to a task and getting the work that your daily life requires is apart of the responsibility we all have to face.  I feel unmotivated to do some things at least once a week however I have found a way to alleviate that feeling from my day to day activities and agenda.  Many times, when our faith is low for things we are experiencing and expecting in life, it is then we tend to feel unmotivated.  There are 3 tips I want to share with you on how I stay motivated especially when my faith is low and it seems impossible to lift it back up.

Realize I am not always in control

The one realization that has helped me to move past an unmotivated state is to realize that I am not in control of everything.  I have an attitude, which many do as well, that I must be in control of every situation I am facing.  However, the truth of it all is that I just cannot be.  When you are able to realize this and let go of all the unnecessary weight that you carry around it helps us to be able to move past what we can’t control and into what we can control.  Sometimes we forget that there is a Person who desires to help us if we allow Him to do so.  Hebrews 12:1 tells us this, that we should lay aside every weight that easily besets us so that we are able to run the race that is set before us.  We all have a race to run and if we are carrying extra baggage we will not be able to run this race.  If you are carrying an unmotivated spirit you cannot run the race you’ve been called to run.


I know that many of us hate this fact but when we exercise we tend to get a natural energy boost.  Exercising is really a necessity if you desire to live a life that is inspired by self motivation.  I have found that the days that I exercise I am more motivated and alert in all that I do.  I have a natural burst of energy and I am ready to tackle anything that comes before me.  I used to be an athlete when I was in high school and it required an enormous amount of energy – which I received from exercising, daily.  Not only is good for our physical health but also for our spiritual health as well.  It is no wonder that in 3 John 2 we are told His wish, that above all things that we may prosper and be in health.  It is His desire that we take care of our physical being which in turn strengthens our spiritual being.


It shouldn’t be a surprise to many that when someone is pushed against the wall, they typically result to praying.  Prayer is by far the most powerful weapon we have here on earth.  It is has the ability to pierce even the toughest of problems and even hardened souls.  When we pray, we allow for an intervention to take place that ordinarily wouldn’t.  I have to give you my deepest secret today:  I have many challenges that if I am honest would keep me unmotivated every single day however the fact that I am constantly praying for myself, my husband and my family allows me to push forward.  Praying for myself, my family, my community gives me a strength that I really cannot describe.  It helps me to put everything that I am going through into perspective and gives me boosted spirit.  Just as we charge our smart phones and computers that is what happens when I pray, it recharges me.  That doesn’t mean that I will not feel drained or unmotivated after some time, but that is by we are admonished by Paul in 1 Thes 5:17 to pray without ceasing.  You must do it always in order to keep motivated and to keep up with our day to day living.

What do you do to stay motivated?  Let me know in the comments below.

Go in peace and God bless you!