At 3pm yesterday, I was tying up the loose strings on a post that was to go out today when it dawned on me the state of my country.  Ironically, the post I was working on is titled Detours to destiny as if this in itself is not a detour.  There is no way that I could have released the post originally intended to go out when my heart is heavy about this subject and when we that call ourselves Christian display characteristics that are contrary, during a time when the world is looking at us and needs us the most.  

This is not christ like, thisfaiththing

Recently there has been a change in government in the free world and I have to tell you that it has been a bumpy ride ever since.  Secretly I enjoy politics but my main focus is not political, at least not until today.  Overall, I am for the acceptance of all people and for everyone to be treated with both love and respect.  I sincerely desire that everyone feels welcomed no matter who they, where they are from and the religion they practice.  Yes, this is a Christian blog and I am a Christian blogger but firstly I am a Christian!  As Christians, we ought to be like Christ like– isn’t that what it means to be Christian anyway? And we ought to ask ourselves “is this what Jesus would have done? does/did Jesus behave this way? if Jesus was here, would he approve of my behavior?”

I am a firm believer in Christ Jesus and His tenants and I am easily reminded that we are told in 1 Corinthians 13 that faith, hope and love will exist but the greatest of them all is love.  When I look around at the state of the nation I am very confused as to how this is love and how we are alienating a people because of their religion and country of origin.  Let us not forget that we are pilgrims in this land anyway (Phil 3:20), none of us are citizens of this land.  Again, yes, I am a Christian blogger and I am Christian but I am called to be Christ like no matter what.   Christ displayed love in all that He did while He was here on earth.   

Unfortunately and quite disappointed-ly, what we are seeing today in the free world is not love but hate.  Whether you agree or not, what the president of the free world is displaying is not love.  Love knows no boundary, it does no hurt, it is kind.  Love tolerates and accepts.  Love is not arrogant.  Love is not easily provoked.  Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness but with the truth.  Love rejoices with the truth.  And friend, the truth is Jesus.  Jesus is the truth and Jesus is love.

There are some who classify themselves as “Christians” and feel that what is going on is acceptable – those individuals are confused. I never want to go against the government of a country as I know that I am accountable to the authority of the land (Titus 3 and Rom 13:1-7)but I am also accountable to Jesus.  I am accountable to stand for the truth and not to stand with a multitude to do evil (Ex 23:2).  And in this case the truth is that we are not showing love the way we are asked and instructed to.

This reminds me of a woman who was desperate for compassion (Matthew 15:22-28 and Mark 7:24-29).  Jesus showed us exactly what should be done and how we are to treat anyone at all times.   This woman was an outsider, not from that land but she needed Jesus’ help.  When she arrived, it was at a time that Jesus sought a place of rest for His disciples.  They had been ministering all the while prior and needed to rest and went to a place where they could find comfort and peace (the free world).  However, when she arrived at their lodging place, she, from outside, called unto the Lord (the president of the free world) for assistance and He initially doesn’t answer her.  His lack of answer was not because He wanted to ignore her but to teach a 3 fold lesson to her, the disciples and to us.  When she called on Him again, the disciples (citizens of the free world) reached out to Jesus and more or less told him to answer her so that she could go away.  But that is not what happened.  He asked them to invite her in!  He (the president of the free world) invited her in.  She explained her case and then He gave her a parable.  Note that Jesus never said no to her.  He never turned her away.  He never belittled her.  He never shunned her.  He in fact, despite how the text reads, pulled her in and He gave her an opportunity to learn and to show her faith, her allegiance to Him.  She was not even an Israelite, she was an outsider but she needed His help and He gave it to her.  He gave her the help, the assurance, the confidence that she needs.

If you are the president of the free world, this is what you are supposed to do.  You and the citizens of the nation are called to show support and love to those whom we consider outsiders. Blocking them out is not the way and any “Christian” who believes this is the way is NOT a Christian!  Such individual need to go back to the Bible and understand what Christ was like, what He is like and what He expects of us!  Christ doesn’t turn anyone away but draws us all near.  

We don’t need the leader of the free world to be rude to enforce laws.  He doesn’t need to be callous to enforce laws.  He doesn’t need to be pompous to enforce laws.  You can enforce laws and yet show love.  There is a way that it can and should be done.  Keeping our brothers and sisters, no matter their religion, out of the country is not the way to go.

Imagine if the when Elijah visited the woman of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:7-16) and she turned him away she would have missed her blessings.  Or if when the angels went to visit Abraham (Gen 18:2) and Sarah, they would have missed their blessing that they waited for years on.  It is very important that we are accepting of others and that we do right by others, that we show love to others.

Being dismissive is not Christ like.  Calling people names is not Christ like.  Kicking people out because of their religion is not Christ like.  You cannot say that you are a Christian and condone such behavior.  Ask yourself, would Jesus Christ be pleased with the way I am behaving, with what I am saying and how I perceive others.  Jesus didn’t die for saints, He died for sinners.  Jesus didn’t come to save some, He came to save all.  And in the same respect and regard in which Jesus loves us is what we are demanded to love our fellow brothers and sisters.

Let us all remember that at one point or another in our lives, it will be the outsider, the one whom we would have never thought would been there to help us, that will help us.  Let us show kindness in all we do.

Remember that on the last day you will have to answer and be accountable for your own actions.  So the question is: are you truly Christ like?