Welcome to this week’s Bible Study on Faith.  God loves when you spend time in His presence and it is when you spend time with Him that He is able to minister directly to you.

Every week, there is a downloadable study guide for the study.  It is place in the Free Resources section of the website thisfaiththing.com.  The only thing that you must do to get it is go to the link below and it will ask for your email address.  You will receive an email from me welcoming you to the This Faith Thing family.  This email will have important links for you like the one for the study as well and the one for the Bible Study Downloads and the password to the section where the downloads are located.  Keep the password and log into the system every week to get your download for the week.  It will always be there for you if you need to print it again.

NOTE:  you will not have to give me your email address every week, once you do it and obtain the password, that’s it!  Enjoy!

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