Friends, I am sure we have all experienced this aspect of life that we so actively dredge.  We all hopefully work actively to avoid disappointment, or so we think.  Some of us, if we are to be very honest with ourselves, don’t properly avoid disappointment.  Disappointment comes when we neglect to do something or at times, when we put to much of our trust in people and even things that we shouldn’t.


Today I want to discuss 7 ways to avoid disappointment:

1. Plan

I am from the school of thought that ‘when you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Friends, if you don’t want to be disappointed in life then you have to plan.  Planning takes time but it is so worth it.  When someone wants to get married, they plan the wedding for about 6 months to a year just for that special day.  If you are a student and you know you have a paper due in two weeks, you need to plan the time out when you will write the paper.  Not having a plan is a good recipe for failure.  Just observe your surroundings.  Those that are making it in life, in their businesses, in the finances have a plan.  They set plans for themselves and they stick to it.   If you refuse to stick to the plan or if you deviate from the plan, it can set you up for a major disappointment.  There are several ways to plan for ever aspect of your life.  Personally, I use a daily planner/journal to organize my day.  At the beginning of the month, I sit down and put the important, preset appointments that I know I will have for the month into my planner.  The planner I use also has daily planning sections where you can plan your day by day!  It is important to know what you have to do every single day, so that you are on top of all your engagements, appointments, and assignments.

2. Structure

I am sure you are wondering why I have structure on this list when I just mentioned planning!  Well friend, it’s because they are different.  Structure is taking what you have planned for your day/life and placing them in the order in which you will accomplish them- giving them some sort of structure.  Let me give you an example.  When I was a masters student at The George Washington University in DC, I was also a wife and a full time high school teacher.  I had a lot on my plate.  However, my daily plans never changed.  From week to week, they remained the same.  But what helped me and allowed me to graduate with stellar grades, still be an exceptional teacher and an phenomenal wife was the structure that I gave my day.  I knew my day had to have structure otherwise, it would collapse EVERY-SINGLE-DAY and I didn’t want that.  If that occurred, not only would I be disappointed but my husband and students would have been too.

Take your daily plan and put a structure to it.  If you know you have 5 things to accomplish in the day and 10 hours to do them.  Allocate 2 hours to each of those items and make sure to accomplish that task in that time frame.  If you don’t accomplish it all, you leave it for them next day and move on with the list.  This helps you from wasting time and accomplishing the tasks before you.  I know this may seem a little hard but you have to give yourself some structure.  It helps out in the long run and you will see that you will become more efficient in life.

3. Be Realistic

This is probably why many of you are disappointed- you are NOT realistic.  Friend, you have to be realistic about EVERYTHING.  Friendships, love, career, family, life in general, just everything.  The moment when you don’t face reality you WILL be disappointment.  Don’t put 20 things on your to do list when you know you only have time for just 2 things.  Don’t ask a friend for honesty and but secretly hope they will cater to your selfish desires.  Don’t place God in a box and expect everything to go your way.  The truth is, the world does not revolve around you friend, it just doesn’t.  You need to sit yourself down and have a candid discussion about the way things are going for you- in every aspect of your life.  If you don’t want to be disappointed be realistic!  And be realistic with everyone around you.

7 ways to avoid disappointment

4. Never Expect Much

This all boils down to trust.  You’re putting your trust in the wrong people friend!  Stop giving your trust to the wrong people, to the wrong environment.  You go out and buy all these “things” that are supposedly supposed to make you more money, make you healthier, make you happier and all they continuously do day after day is make you sad and dejected.  So then why keep doing it?  Why keep believing the wrong thing?  The reason is because you expect way to much.  You are possibly setting your standards to high and also placing too much emphasis on material items.

5. Time Management

If you know me personally, one thing you know about me is that I don’t waste time and I don’t want anything or anyone to waste my time.  The reason why many of your are not accomplishing anything and why you are consistently disappointed is the fact that you waste too much time.  Stop wasting your time and you will find that you will accomplish so much in your day and life.  You are wasting time by being lazy, by allowing the wrong people in your life, by spending your time where you shouldn’t, by giving your time to the wrong people and by not maximizing your time.  Time is one thing that you cannot ever get back.  From the day you were born, time has been running, from that very moment friend!  You can never go back to redo something because you’ve wasted your time, you just cannot get that time back.  Having a plan and structure and even being realistic will not accomplish life’s tasks if you don’t know how to manage your time and spend it wisely.  Having an outline definitely helps manage your time wisely and also allows you to spend your time on worthwhile activities.

6. Consistency

Consistency is a golden rule of life.  Want to see positive results in life be consistent.  Want positive feedback at work, be consistent.  Want positive feedback in school be consistent.  Want positive feedback in your spiritual life, be consistent.  Consistency means that you continuously do a positive task and you always receive a positive result.  Friend, get rid of what doesn’t make sense and whatever is slowing your down.  Friends, family, colleagues, relationships, bad habits are all aspects of life that unfortunately makes you inconsistent.  And when you are inconsistent, you feel like you’ve failed further giving you this dreaded feeling of disappointment.  When you are consistent everyone around you will notice and it will be a satisfaction like no other into your life.  Get consistent in your ways friend!  When you get consistent in your life, you will be on the way to greater fulfillment, lots of happiness and you will minimize your disappointments!

7. Faith

There is no way that this word would not have made my list.  I believe above all other things that when you have faith then you can never be disappointed!  Faith is the one tool or as I like to call it, currency that I keep in my arsenal at all times.  I keep it around me daily and spend it wisely.  Let’s be honest friend, a life lived without faith is a life full of pain.  Man will fail you, mark my word.  They just will.  They will tell you they will do something for you, they will attend your event, they will borrow you money or even, they will have your back no matter what.  But friend, they are human just like you and me and they are bound to making mistakes.  However, when you have your faith or when you spend your faith in the right area, you are guaranteed joy, happiness and success.  This doesn’t mean that everything will always go your way, because everything is not meant to go in YOUR way.  However, just know that God has a plan for you and as long as you have faith and you spend your faith in the right ONE you will be just fine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list.  This is not a hardcore solid list and it is meant to just get you thinking.  As time goes on, this list will be added to to continuously move you into your destiny for your life.  Share with me what you would add to the list to avoid disappointment.

Go in peace and God bless you!